The Debate Of A Grow Box Or Hydroponic System

The Debate of a Grow Box or Hydroponic System


Robert Fogarty

As the United States of America becomes increasingly friendly towards medical marijuana many are taking a serious interest in amateur botany and growing plants at home. The presence of a battered economy also gives many incentive to seek out the cheapest methods possible for acquiring their medicine. At a time when medical marijuana is sold in the United States for $400.00 an ounce it is clear that saving money on such a substance is a very important accomplishment and not one to be taken lightly. The two main ways that people grow their medicine at home currently in the United States are either through a grow box or a hydroponic system.

A hydroponic system can often be very costly and complex while grow boxes are simpler and far cheaper to set up. Hydroponic systems deliver nutrients to plants via a nutrient mixture present in water that is circulated through the water to the plants, this helps plants to grow faster, stay healthy and generally produce higher yields if done correctly. A grow box involves the traditional medium of soil with fertilizer and the lighting of the grower’s choice. A grow box can be built for as little as $50.00 and can conceal the nature of itself by way of being constructed out of a safe or a plastic crate.

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Hydroponic systems require a lot of space and the constant monitoring of pH levels and water cleanliness. Often hydroponic systems can involve pH levels that get out of control unless the grower is aware of what they are doing. A hydroponic system is one that requires all the maintenance of a box and then some. It is a system in which superior results are achieved through superior methods, however it is not for those who do not have the time or effort to put into it unlike a box.

A grow box in contrast to a hydroponic system requires much less maintenance and cost. Since there is no water or irrigation system there is no need to constantly monitor the pH levels of the water. However it is very much necessary to maintain proper lighting conditions in a grow box and provide plants with the water they naturally need to survive. Things like lighting schedules are also extremely necessary when it comes to a grow box, it is not an apparatus that you can just close up and forget about and to my knowledge none like that exists.

Both the

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and the hydroponic system have their own benefits and draw backs. Making the right choice for you is definitely something to weigh in on carefully before choosing either one, if you are looking for the best results possible and have the time and money to invest a hydroponic system is certainly the way to go. If you are a part time enthusiast looking to get some growing done without breaking the bank and still achieving results than a grow box is the way to go.

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